Tennis Season Review

A season in Review --

Although facing an injury plagued season, these ladies spirits stayed high, finding strength through the Lord and each other. The Eagles were able to finish with a Winning record of 11-8 this year.

Coach had something to say about every member of the team:

Bella Raiszadeh, our newest member to the team, proved to be a bundle of energy and a fierce competitor, always fun to watch on the court. Anna Clary was a tough competitor with the sweetest smile, known for chasing every ball and having a wicked first serve. Katherine Olah didn’t miss often and always gave 100% , never giving up. Ella Stichler, known by teammates for making a different noise every time she hit the ball, was notorious for her aggressive net play in doubles. Sabrina Chiang was a multi-faceted player and great leader, possessing both great a great serve and net play. Jane Cipolla always gave all that she had with a smile on her face, never giving less than her best. Grace Olsen Proved to become more and more confident, always possessing grace and grit. Sophia Rotchford’s competitiveness was her secret weapon, coming up with amazing shots and strong net play. India Ruckle always enjoyed her time on the court, always a team player and was up for any challenge, taking them on with a positive, can-do attitude. Morgan Dunn was fierce on the court, having great net play and never quitting till the end. Cami Stichler moved on the court with grace and ease like a pro, rarely missing a shot, proving to be a stronger competitor but always with a smile. Valeria de Leon was a fast learner and improved quickly, always enjoying her time on the court and giving it her best. Maddie Keller took every moment on the court as learning opportunity, not fearing anything she faced and had wicked backhand.

The will miss their graduating seniors next year but are hopeful to continue the great attitude, spirit, and resilience that empowered this year's team.

by Grant Smith